This version of Sortd sees a platform upgrade and new design, along with improved performance.


  • New Design
  • Search now includes searching tasks on the board
  • Easier access to Date View and Filters

Bug Fixes

  • Automatic Importing into lists should be working again

Side Effects

  • A new Chrome Extension, version 1.0.0 is required to continue running Sortd

Up Next

  • New Features for paid packages (Don't worry, the basic features are still free to use)

  • Power Packs
  • See Sortd Pricing and Packages for more info


The new version of Sortd Mobile Companion App should be generally available in the App Store and Play Store soon (pending Apple/Google approval). Click the applicable badge below to find Sortd in the store. Please ensure that you update to 1.1.4 as soon as possible as all versions before that will no longer work correctly, if at all.


Known Issues

  • No manual Import facility at the moment

Why so few Changes

For those of you expecting more rapid changes and or more features being released, the reason we have not releasing that many new features is that we have been involved the redesign and building infrastructure to support multiple boards as well as the infrastructure to support the Power Packs which will will release in the coming months. 

See Sortd Pricing and Packages for more info.