• Reverted the layout change of the Sortd button to access Sortd in Gmail (and return to Gmail from Sortd) release on version 0.22.54 (17 Jan2017), due to a number of issues being experienced by users. We will try and re-release this at a future date when we can better identify the issues being experienced by users. 


Chrome 55 was launched at the beginning of December 2016 and has large improvements in performance, but unfortunately has a side effect which has created a degraded performance in Sortd, seen particularly with drag and drop on large dashboards. This has forced us to change the way we load Sortd alongside Gmail. This change means that it is more likely that Sortd and other Gmail related Chrome Extensions will clash. We apologise for this, but unfortunately this is unavoidable as a result of the changes in Chrome 55. One benefit however is that Sortd will load slightly faster.