This is an almost complete rewrite of the Sortd for Gmail front-end. This is based on a newer technology which will allow us to iterate faster and improve performance.


  • Quick Access to Folders from Folder bar
  • Today View
  • Snooze from Gmail Inbox
  • Add to Sortd from Gmail Inbox
  • Deleting lists without deleting all items in the list (incl. completed items) is now working

Side Effects

  • A new Chrome Extension, version 0.22 is required to continue running Sortd

  • Due to this being an almost complete rewrite it is possible there are some regressions. We are already aware of a few and are working to fix them urgently

  • Sortd version 0.22 should be less resource intensive, with performance improvements being more noticeable on computers with less RAM or slower CPU's

Up Next

  • Fix Bugs/Regressions (busy)

  • Further performance improvements

  • Cleaner front-end design

  • New Features


The new version of Sortd Mobile Companion App should be generally available in the App Store and Play Store soon (pending Apple/Google approval). Click the applicable badge below to find Sortd in the store. The new Mobile app is also based on new technology and we have been forced to upgrade/change the mobile app to support the changes released today for the Sortd for Gmail services. Unfortunately the User Experience in the new app still needs a lot of attention. One benefit of the new app however is that Sortd should now be able to use native login on iOS and Android. Please ensure that you update to 1.1.3 as soon as possible as all versions before that will no longer work correctly, if at all.


Known Issues

  • Some issues with Drag and Drop (and merging tasks)
  • Some Keyboard shortcuts may be broken
  • Hide/Show Inbox is broken (please don't hide Inbox for the moment)

Why so few Changes

For those of you expecting more rapid changes and or more features being released, the reason we have not releasing that many new features is that we have been involved an almost complete rewrite of the web browser component (front-end) of Sortd. The re-write is based on new technology which has taken some time to stabilise which is why there has been such a long delay between this update and the previous update. The new technology also allows us to iterate faster, so hopefully this will lead to more frequent releases with more improvements and features.