Bug Fixes

  • Improve Reliability of New Email arriving (Note: When the Unread filter is set new email will not be displayed. This will be resolved in a future release. Consequently it is not recommend to leave this filter set for normal conditions at the moment)

  • Stability Improvements (on the backend)

  • New Icon

Known Issues

The loading of Sortd directly into Fullscreen mode is still very slow but now at least we have provided some entertaining/calming imagery. (PleaseĀ Note, this can be turned off from settings, or bypassed on the loading screen)

We are aware of many, many other issues, too many to list here.

Why so few Changes

For those of you expecting more rapid changes and or more features being released, the reason we are not releasing new features at the moment is because we are involved in some major backend changes to try and remove IMAP as much as possible so as to improve scalability, reliability and performance. We are also involved in a fairly substantial upgrade of the Sortd for Gmail front end which should improve performance and make it easier and faster for us to release new features.

Additionally the Sortd Mobile Companion App should be generally available in the App Store and Play Store shortly.