This is mostly a Bug Fix release


  • Automatically set Reminder when setting Task Date
  • Small UI changes


Bug Fixes

  • Improvements to Inbox (increased consistency with Gmail Inbox)
  • Improvements to Search
  • Fix Recent Sender information being incorrect in certain edge cases
  • Fix issues with multi-select (edge case)
  • Fix Reminders for non-Latin based character sets
  • Fix Unread Filter
  • Fix new email not arriving (under certain conditions)
  • Ensure Tasks contain the correct Date when multiple email threads are contained in the Task
  • Correctly 'remember' Inbox preference Full or Primary
  • Miscellaneous Bugs

Known Issues

The loading of Sortd directly into Fullscreen mode is still very slow but now at least we have provided some entertaining/calming imagery. (Please Note, this can be turned off from settings, or bypassed on the loading screen)

We are aware of many, many other issues, too many to list here.