• Improved Task and Email Reminders with Colour coded Ribbons
  • Improvements to handling of SPAM 
  • Improvements to Drag and Drop
  • NEW Improved way to Merge/Group Tasks (Press Shift to Merge)
  • Tabbed/Category Inbox for easy switching between Primary/Promotions/Forums/Updates etc
  • Ability to change 'Auto Progress' for Email Preview from Settings General tab


Bug Fixes

  • Notes not always saving
  • Fixed Search not showing Sent Items
  • Improved Performance in some edge cases
  • Improved Backend Infrastructure Stability
  • Miscellaneous Bugs

Known Issues

The loading of Sortd directly into Fullscreen mode is still very slow but now at least we have provided some entertaining/calming imagery. (Please Note, this can be turned off from settings, or bypassed on the loading screen)

We are aware of many, many other issues, too many to list here.