• Ability to drag a Task containing a single email back to the Inbox
  • Improved Task Reminders
  • Add Options menu to Sortd loader and Sortd loader imagery
  • Improved Notifications with simple Workflows
  • Small User Interface changes
  • Improved Folder loading
  • Ability to recommend Sortd to colleagues/friends on 1st load
  • Ability to drag an open email to a List (opens next email in list following the drag)
  • Improvements to new Email appearing in Inbox (when underlying connection is not 100% stable)
  • Improved 1st time load product Tour
  • Improved Navigation to find Help and/or provide Feedback or request Support

Experimental Features

These features are currently very experimental and could change significantly and as such are considered Beta (although the whole product is still in Beta, these features are significantly more so). Please send us your thoughts and comments through the Knowledge Base as we would love to hear what you think.

  • Added Email Reminders
  • Added Email Snooze capability


Bug Fixes

  • Email Preview sometimes being offset to the Left
  • Two Compose Windows opening occasionally
  • Improved Performance in some edge cases
  • Improved Backend Infrastructure Stability
  • Improvements to email Move/Archive (with more to come, along with improvements to labeling in an upcoming release soon)
  • Improved merging of notes when multiple tasks are merged
  • Miscellaneous Bugs

Known Issues

The loading of Sortd directly into Fullscreen mode is still very slow but now at least we have provided some entertaining/calming imagery. (Please Note, this can be turned off from settings, or bypassed on the loading screen)

We are aware of many, many other issues, too many to list here.