Chrome Extension version 0.19 sees a complete rewrite of the underlying Inbox infrastructure so as to improve reliability and performance. 


  • Almost complete rewrite of the Inbox to move away from relying so heavily on IMAP
  • The Chrome Extension now provides better compatibility with certain Chrome Extensions particularly Rapportive and SideKick
  • Improve the speed of loading the Inbox and Folders/Labels
  • Improved handling of Gmail Categories (Promotions, Forums, etc)
  • Improved Performance for Recent Sender information on the Inbox
  • Improvements to handling of Trash/Bin and SPAM
  • Added Message Count on Threads
  • Support Undo Send (if enabled in Gmail)
  • Attachment Icon on Inbox
  • Allow Time to be in 12hr/24hr format.
  • Improved highlighting for selected emails (as opposed to read)
  • User Interface tweaks


Bug Fixes

  • Drag and Drop of Attachments
  • Compose popping up behind Sortd
  • Improvements to Multi-Select when scrolling
  • Improvements to Move/Delete/Archive/Label (sometime emails fail to get processed and appear back in the Inbox)
  • Improvements to the Tour
  • Notes not saving in certain cases
  • Send & Archive button not working
  • Sent Items showing the Recipient and not the Sender
  • Improve consistency of Sender/Recipient Information with Gmails standard Inbox
  • Slow view switching between ListView and DateView
  • Improve the case when the 'This conversation has been deleted' message appears

Known Issues

The loading of Sortd directly into Fullscreen mode is still very slow. (Please Note, this can be turned off from settings, or bypassed on the loading screen)

We are aware of many, many other issues, too many to list here.