Features and Fixes

Some Improvements to the  Show/Hide Completed, but still not working 100%.

Various other Bugs, Stability and Reliability Improvements (though there are still many more to go) have been made.

Experimental Features

These features are currently very experimental and could change significantly or be dropped altogether and as such are marked Beta (although the whole product is still in Beta, these features are significantly more so). Please send us your thoughts and comments as we would love to hear what you think.

WARNING: These features will modify your Gmail Inbox and as such should only be used by users who are comfortable with Sortd and understand the consequences of enabling these settings. The settings can be found under “Advanced” on the Settings control.

Archive Email in Gmail when Archiving a Task

When creating a task from an email the email will be archived in Gmail. This setting will keep your Sortd and Gmail Inbox’s synchronised, so that you don’t see a different version of your Inbox when viewing it in Gmail vs Sortd.

Don’t Show Email on Task in the Inbox

When a new email is received on a thread that has been added to a task, it will not show in the inbox. If the setting above is also On it will cause your newly arrived email to be archived in Gmail immediately. CAUTION should be taken here as you will not see a new email in the Inbox and if you miss the “unread “ symbol on the task you could miss the email altogether.

Known Issues

We are aware of many, many issues, too many to list here but in particular we are aware that the Show/Hide Completed toggle is getting out of sync and will be fixed soon.

We are aware of an issue whereby users may get logged out of  Sortd and shown an error page that says that there are “Too many simultaneous Connections” on Gmail. We are working on reducing the cause of this problem (to the degree that we can control it).