Features and Fixes

A new version of Sortd has been deployed with various improvements and features.

A “Follow Up” flag (automatically gets set when Send and Pin is used, alternatively can be set from task actions) has been added as well as a filter to see tasks marked for Follow Up. Additionally a filter has been added for Tasks with Unread email. The “Completed Items” filter has also been enhanced to work with these two new filters. These filters allow you to quickly and easily see tasks which you have unread emails on and or are marked for follow up and as such help you triage and plan what to focus on next. The filters can sometimes be slow and we are actively looking at improving the performance.


The speed of loading the Sortd Inbox for large email accounts has been improved along with the speed of performing Searches from within Sortd. Additionally some performance improvements have been made with regard to switching between folders and particularly the Inbox categories such as Promotions/Updates etc.

Various User Interface (UI) changes have been made most significantly the removal of the “right click” to get to a Tasks action menu. Now a task actions icon will appear when hovering over a task, which when clicked will provide all the current task actions. Various menu and navigation changes have also been made in order to try and simplify the UI. Tasks that contain notes can now also be identified through the newly added “notes” icon on the Tasks when viewed on the organiser panel.

The often requested feature of being able to pin/add an email to a list from the Email Preview has also been added. Additionally when archiving an email from Preview the next email in the Inbox will automatically be displayed.

Various other Bugs, Stability and Reliability Improvements (though there are still many more to go) have been made.

Experimental Features

These features are currently very experimental and could change significantly or be dropped altogether and as such are usually marked “Beta” (although the whole product is still in Beta, these features are significantly more so). Please send us your thoughts and comments as we would love to hear what you think.

We have added an Inbox filter for “Unread email” (not marked as Beta but is very much so). 

WARNING: When this filter is applied new email will not be displayed and one will have to return to the normal Inbox view to see incoming email. We continue to seek ways to improve this feature.

Known Issues

We are aware of many, many issues, too many to list here.