Chrome Extension version 0.18 is focussed on stability and performance. 

This version of Sortd sees a redesign of the Chrome Extension component of Sortd which minimises the Content Security Policy (CSP) issues experienced in earlier versions of Sortd. The CSP issues led to clashes with other Chrome Extensions which sometimes led to Sortd disappearing from Gmail altogether! DOM (such as buttons etc) clashes may still occur when Sortd is run in parallel with certain other Chrome Extensions and we will continue to work on these issues.

A significant change in Sortd's Inbox should reduce the problems being experienced where Sortd times out waiting for Google to respond to mail requests. This change should now make the Sortd Inbox more stable and users seeing fewer “Unable to Retrieve mail" errors. A major overhaul of the Inbox is underway which we are hoping will also improve the performance of the Inbox. This feature should be released in the next major version.



The only noticeable new feature is the improved Help Centre accessible from the Help (?) icon within Sortd.


Bug Fixes

The Google Apps icons should now work consistently

The referral and Sortd Settings panel should now be accessible all the time

The Sortd lists should not reorder themselves incorrectly

The "Update your Lists" message should no longer appear unnecessarily

Grouped email threads in a Task should now be ordered correctly

The lists shown in the Sortd Gmail buttons such as Send and Pin should now be ordered correctly

Known Issues

We are aware of many, many issues, too many to list here, but our focus remains on improving the reliability and experience of the Sortd Inbox