Sortd offers two kinds of Notes:

1. Notes that are attached to your email contacts

2. Notes on tasks

Notes on Contacts

Notes on Contacts allow you to jot a note down alongside an email.  These notes exist between emails and essentially stick to that contact like a sticky note.  They are very useful when dealing with colleagues, with prospective sales clients, in support, account management etc to keep track of status items, follow-up or to record information you will need when dealing with that contact again.

These notes will be available to you any time in the future a. when you receive a message from that contact or b. when you open one of that contacts email's.


To find an existing note, simply open any email with the contact where you placed the note, and the note will appear.  

You can also switch to another note for another contact selecting the dropdown:



Notes on Tasks

Notes on Tasks allow you to add a note to a specific Task on one of your lists.  This is the perfect when you need to add detail to an email or task group and it can be used for items like general notes or sub-tasks.