Sortd Subscription Model Launched

The release of Sortd 1.0.0 sees the launch of the first Sortd paid for subscription package "Sortd PRO". The current version of Sortd will continue to work as before although certain limits on the number of tasks and lists will apply. The default Sortd Starter package is envisaged to remain free forever. 

Additional features and services will be added to the Sortd PRO subscription as well as several new subscription options that will be launched in the coming months. Features such as Task collaboration and managing Sales/Recruitment workflows will be included in these (optional) paid for subscription packages. All packages will include a free trial period (where appropriate).

All users who signed up for Sortd during the Beta will continue to have access to all their tasks and lists even if the number of tasks/lists they currently have exceeds the Starter package limits. Any new lists and/or tasks created from now on will however count towards those limits. Please see the new Sortd Pricing page as well as the updated Terms and Conditions.

Obviously we know everybody would like Sortd to remain free forever, but as we all know that is not possible (unless we bombard you with adverts), but we have tried to keep the pricing reasonable, and ensure that the free tier (Starter package) still provides good utility. Let us know what you think about the pricing and the packages we are proposing. 

Update 2017-04-24

Q: Several People have mentioned that they use Sortd across multiple email addresses, and have queried how the subscriptions work when using multiple email accounts. 

A: Each subscription is for one email address, so if you need a PRO subscription for 2 or more email addresses you will need to subscribe for each one. However, if you only require Sortd PRO for one email address there is no need to upgrade the others.

Q: We have been asked if we have the option to pay for Sortd on an annual basis instead of monthly. 

A: We do not currently provide this functionality but may well in the future. Currently once you subscribe Sortd will bill your Credit Card monthly, but you do not need to do anything on a monthly basis. Sortd will continue to bill every month unless/until the subscription is cancelled, which can be done at anytime, via the Accounts tab of Sortd's Settings.

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"All users who signed up for Sortd during the Beta will continue to have access to all their tasks and lists even if the number of tasks/lists they currently have exceeds the Starter package limits. Any new lists and/or tasks created from now on will however count towards those limits."

What if I delete lists?

During beta and now at present I have 17 lists. If I delete all of them, will Starter subscription then only limit me to 4 or 21 lists?

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I'm loving Sortd, and would be happy to pay for it, but I'd need to see bugs being squashed first, especially these crazy red pop ups. What's the best way of getting these resolved?


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Hi Bradley. Can you tell me what Task assignment will be? Hoping it has something to do with Google Calendar collaboration? Thanks!

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Do I need to sign up all over again to get the PRO subscription? When I go to the pricing page to sign up for the plan, I get a pop-up to sign up for the beta - and I already am in the beta. Thanks!

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Long term beta user moving an important email into a category list. Unexpected 'pop up' appeared informing me I had exceeded my.... whatever.

Fine I understand and happy to pay a subscription but...the email I was attempting to move that prompted the 'pop-up' disappeared? Not at all encouraging or helpful maybe somebody should take a look see.

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My Pro Trial ends in 8 days ... and  I can not see any of the "Get tons of features to make you into 

an email ninja ... without any limits."....

I will wait to receive something really new that is worth to stay in the PRO mode

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Robin, no you do not need to signup all over again. Sortd will prompt you to upgrade if you exceed the limits. Alternatively you can upgrade from the Account Settings, found in the Sortd Settings, which is accessed via the cog at the bottom left of the Sortd main screen.

Tim, I am sorry about that. If you refresh your email will appear back in the Inbox, so it is not lost. I have however also just deployed a fix for that, although you will need to reload Sortd to get the latest version with the Bug fix included. There is no new Chrome Extension.

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Gabe, If you signed up to the Beta before the subscriptions where introduced you will be able to keep all the lists and tasks you currently have, i.e. Sortd will not hide/delete anything. If you already have more than 4 lists, if you delete a list and have not subscribed to PRO you will not be able to create a new list without subscribing. Similarly you will not be able to go over 25 tasks per list. So in your case if you delete one of your Lists you will be limited to 16 lists. I hope that explains things a little bit better.

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Simon, most of those errors should now be resolved. The one you screen shot-ted was a warning which the system deals with and should not have been shown to you as the user. My apologies for the inconvenience.

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Harvey, alas task assignment doesn't have anything to do with Calendar collaboration. Soon we will be releasing the functionality on Paid Subscriptions where you will be able to create more than 1 board. The additional boards are Shared Boards. meaning that you can share the board with some one else (who has a paid subscription). The additional boards are only shared when you invite someone, so they can remain private if you so wish. On Shared Boards you can then assign a task to the people who share the board. This functionality is not generally available yet, so things will become a bit more apparent when we release the functionality.

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Hi Bradley - thanks for your response. That said, how about a way for Events to sync with Google Calendar? Would be great to add events to Google Calendar and have them sync with Sortd, and vice-versa.

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Hi there - 

I just tried to move an email over to a list and got a pop up that I've exceeded my starter package. And poof! The email I moved is gone. I completely understand that Sortd can't be free forever. But I'm a bit surprised that I didn't receive an email detailing the new set up. And I'm bummed that it automatically deleted the email that I was originally moving. I had to go back to normal gmail, find it in the trash and move it back to the inbox. :/

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How do I subscribe?  The only option I see is a 14 day trial.  I've already had a two year trial. I just want to continue using Sortd and not have to worry about it.  Thanks. 

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My trial subscription expires in 4 days.  I've been pat of the beta program.  I've tried to upgrade to Pro for Gmail in Settings within the app, clicking on the Upgrade button at the bottom right of the screen in the app, and on the web site, but I'm also only seeing the 14-day trial option. Wondering how I subscribe to Pro? Thanks!

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